Caribbean Moon Handmade Necklace

This necklace/pendant is handmade out of 24 kt gold plated beads, Japanese "Delica" Seed Beads, and a wonderful hand carved water buffalo bone Moon Face Cabochon from Bali. (No animals were hurt or killed. The bone is collected from animals who passed naturally). I conceived the idea for these pieces after my Uncle Ed and Aunt Jacky lost their home in British Virgin Gorda due to Hurricane Irma. Indeed, the eye of this record shattering storm passed right over their home!

The entire island was devastated with nary a structure standing fully intact after the hurricane passed. In fact, my Uncle was badly injured and was evacuated to North Carolina where he went into immediate surgery from a physician renowned for repairing war wounds!

With no power, no reliable communication channels, no food, no clean water, no way to escape the island... almost 100% of the boats there sank, the wonderful people of BVI (expatriates and locals alike) banded together and immediately started to help themselves to recover.

That effort continues today! They happily have established supply links and now have the means to provide themselves with clean water, food, variable communication, and are going about the business of cleaning up an island that looks worse than any war zone pictures I have ever seen.

In honor of the fine people who continue to live in BVI as well as those hurt badly enough to temporarily leave for medical attention but will return, I lovingly created this beaded pendant with it's gold fill chain. $25.00 of any purchase will go directly to Island relief.

This picture is of samples. I will work with you and make a piece similar to what you see, but using colors specified by you. I can also modify the 18" chain to any length you would like with only an additional price of what the additional chain will cost me.

I also have a few larger Moon Faces in my inventory (approximately 2" before the beading) and will gladly use the bigger size if you would like for an additional fee which will be agreed upon between us before I begin.

Moon Faces vary in appearance because each and every one is hand carved. Please specify in your order whether you would prefer one with it's eyes open or closed.

At this time, it will take approximately two weeks to complete and post your order.